Insurance Law HelpInsurance law help was developed by consumer friendly personal injury attorneys from across the U.S. in order to accumulate and provide helpful information regarding the legal aspects of insurance. This information is provided from a consumer’s perspective and from an injured victim’s point of view.The editors and managers for this site are Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney (also Massachusetts) David Slepkow, Slepkow & Associates Inc. 401-437-1100 (visit David Slepkow’s website here ) and Los Angeles, California Personal Injury lawyer, Steve Sweat 866-252- 0735 (visit Steve Sweat website here.) In the event that the jurisdiction for the accident falls outside of David or Steve’s Jurisdiction they will be happy to refer you to one of the best lawyers who can handle your cause of action.

Insuring against loss is a fundamental and necessary aspect of proper financial and life management. Everywhere we look, there are potential perils that can befall the best of us. They say that sometimes bad things happen to good people. The only way you can  protect yourself financially from such devastation is to anticipate these events and purchase proper insurance coverage ahead of time. This insurance will pay you in the event of a catastrophe like an auto accident, a tree falling on your roof, a hurricane, earthquake, tornado or any number of natural or man-made cataclysms.

Attempting to plan and insure for a loss brings up many interesting legal questions such as:

  • What type of coverage do I need to protect my car, home, or business?
  • How do I know that I have the insurance coverage that I need?
  • Is there something in the “fine print” that would prevent me from collecting for losses like property damage or lost income in the event of certain disasters?
  • What are my rights if an insurance company denies my claim?
  • What happens if I am injured by a hit and run motorist or a automobile operator who let his insurance lapse. (uninsured motorist coverage)
  • How will I be compensated for my medical bill, pain and suffering and disability if the motorist who is at fault for the car crash does not have enough insurance coverage to compensate me for my damages (under-insured motorist claim protection issues) more info

Thousands of people everyday have questions like these either before, during or after an event that causes personal injury or destroys or damages property. This site is devoted to discussing these issues and informing consumers of their rights!

This site will provide cutting edge and in depth  Negligence attorney authored content concerning all types of insurance including but not limited to:

-Automobile Insurance / Motor Vehicle Insurance

-Homeowner’s Policies

-Wedding Insurance

-Social Security Disability and Social Security Insurance

-Workers Compensation insurance

-Title Insurance

-Renters Insurance, Condominium Insurance

-Commercial Insurance Policies

-Motorcycle, Boating and Excess Liability Umbrella Insurance

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